Precast Service

Inco Building System

INCO BUILDING SYSTEM is the largest single most entity engaged in the manufacturing of complimentary precast concrete products of widest range and variety, used extensively throughout the construction industry. ALL INCO BUILDING SYSTEMS products are designed, manufactured and erected to meet local, international and Saudi ARAMCO standards. They can also be designed and standardized to interface with client designs and site requirements to provide a Quality Building System (QBS) with maximum speed and flexibility to meet most applications. Our Quality Assurance guarantees that all manufactured and erected products meet with the client, Architect and Engineer’s requirements taking into consideration all functional, loading and dimensional factors. INCO is always available for consulting on all technical matters, project feasibility and proposals from clients, consultants and contractors. Precast concrete building components offer many advantages including superior strength and durability, design flexibility, aesthetic versatility, minimal site impact, faster construction times and reduced lifecycle costs.

Our services in precast products include:

Precast panels

Versatility is the key word when it comes to precast concrete panels. Precast panels can be used in a wide variety of applications providing a cost effective and sustainable solution to virtually any construction challenge. Precast panels allow concrete work to continue year-round, with much less impact from temperature and climate conditions. Precast concrete panels offer a limitless variety of shapes, styles, colors, design flexibility, time savings and improved profitability too.

Hollow core floor/roof slabs

Hollowcore is a pre-stressed concrete product, typically used for structural and roofing applications. It is also produced as wall panels for industrial and commercial projects. They are manufactured using modern and efficient plant techniques to the strictest of quality, technical and environmental standards. Due to its versatility, high quality, fast construction and economy, millions of square meters of hollow core slabs are manufactured and installed throughout the world for a variety of applications. Through its flexibility and structural efficiency, hollow core slabs are suited to most applications across all market sectors, from simple housing to complex commercial schemes.

Why Hollowcore?

  • Hollowcore can span long areas and thereby allows for less use of supporting beams and columns.
  • Once secured, the hollowcore slabs become a working surface for other trades.
  • Hollowcore slabs are manufactured with continuous openings/voids to reduce weight and costs but may also be used for electrical and mechanical runs.
  • Quick installation which hardly requires an average of 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • Offers good sound dissipation.
  • Hollowcore is fire resistant. The fire rating of hollowcore slabs saves on insurance.
  • Like precast concrete, hollowcore is cooler than conventional concrete.

Cooler Buildings = reduced energy costs = SAVINGS!!

Boundary walls

INCO Boundary wall system is a total precast solution that utilizes modern precast concrete technology. We offer a high quality product together with flexibility in terms of design features, colors, surfaces and shapes. Precast walls are efficient and cost effective way to designate your boundary lines as it requires less labor, easy material handling and short production turnaround time. Our precast compound boundary wall system is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial developments.

Double tees

A hands down favorite of prominent parking garage designers, the highly popular double tees can also be designed for economic and dependable flooring, wall systems and such other prominent structures. INCO double tees are produced in variable length and width to provide maximum loading capacity, expansive open space and uniform floor-to-floor heights. Precast double tees are always preferred because of its maximum durability, structural strength and low maintenance cost.

Pre-stressed beams

Pre-stressing is a technique of introducing stresses of a predetermined magnitude into a structural member to improve its behavior. Pre-stressing is used to initiate compression into regions where tension stresses will be created by applied loads. This technique is usually found in concrete beams, spandrels, columns, single and double tees, wall panels, segmental bridge units, bulb-tee girders, I-beam girders, flat slabs and hollow core slabs to name a few. Pre-stressed beams can span longer distance at similar depths than ordinary reinforced beams. At INCO, we supply the finest quality pre-stressed concrete beams manufactured by up-to-date technology and best available craftsmanship in a variety of size and shape.

Advantages Of Precast Concrete

Pre-stressed concrete is one of the most reliable, durable and widely used construction materials in building and bridging projects around the world. It has made significant contributions to the construction industry, the precast manufacturing industry and the cement industry as a whole. It has led to an enormous array of structural applications, including buildings, bridges, parking garages, water towers, nuclear reactors, TV towers and offshore drilling platforms.

The advantages of pre-stressed concrete include:

  • Lower construction cost
  • Thinner slabs, which are especially important in high-rise buildings where floor thickness savings can translate into additional floors for the same or lower cost
  • Fewer joints since the distance that can be spanned by post-tensioned slabs exceeds that of reinforced construction with the same thickness
  • Longer span lengths increase the usable unencumbered floor space in buildings and parking structures
  • Fewer joints lead to lower maintenance costs over the design life of the structure, since joints are the major locus of weakness in concrete buildings

Housing Systems

Sandwich walls, solid and hollow core walls systems provide a flexible rapid Architectural, pre-engineered Housing system resulting in economical high quality solutions to the housing needs of the Middle East.

Industrial Frame & Cladding Structural System

List of Typical frame/Slabs/Cladding

  • Hollow core floor/roof slabs
  • Internal PC Beam
  • Eaves PC Beam
  • PC columns
  • Mezzanine PC Beams
  • PC/HCW wall cladding
  • PC coping unit

Precast column-Beam frames & single lift lading with provision for mezzanine floors providing and economical high quality & rapid form of industrial structural system with maximum span & long span, idea for most intermediate industrial applications.

List of Typical precast frame/slabs/cladding elements

  • Hollow core floor (or roof) slab
  • Main room beam
  • Gable spandrel roof beam
  • Internal (Rectangular) room beam
  • PC staircase and landing
  • Landing support Beam
  • Floor (or roof) slab
  • Main edge floor beam
  • Precast cladding
  • Gable floor beam
  • PC internal ledge beam
  • Precast column
  • Wall (PC or RC)
  • Precast Ground Beam
  • Precast Parapet

Precast column-beam frames & cladding with floor and roof components can be used in a variety of single and multi storey buildings for industrial, warehousing, recreational, commercial and institutional applications.